About Us

Doing business in Massachusetts, and the surrounding states for over 10 years, Soundwaves Corporation is the #1 A/V Installation, Home Automation & Security provider servicing Cape Cod, Boston, and all of Eastern Massachusetts.

The idea of Soundwaves Corporation was made into a reality by Michael Ethier, a seasoned tradesman and tenured professional in the consumer electronics industry.

At the age of 16, Michael began his first sales job for a big box retailer selling products and ultimately, services. It wasn’t long before he realized what a disconnect there was between the sales in store to the services transition in home. Growing up with several family members licensed as professional tradesmen, Michael learned first-hand what separates average service from phenomenal service. Hence, Soundwaves Corporation was established, which put him in a position where he could then completely control the full journey of his clients, both sales and services aspects.

"Soundwaves Corporation is composed of family and friends I’ve known for nearly 20 years. They are the most genuine and hard-working partners I could ever ask for. We utilize and leverage on our individual strengths to benefit the team as a whole which delivers a wonderful journey for our clients. Our passion for what we do is unrivaled…we LOVE what we do and it shows. Our technology solutions cover ALL types of work from basic style installations with home theater, computers and networking, surveillance or CCTV, alarms, lightning control, multi-zone and multi-source audio, mobile audio and upwards to completely customized automation and integration systems for homes, restaurants and large hotels. We have been in business for over 13 years and practicing for over 20. Our service coverage area includes the Boston area, South Shore and the Cape & Islands." -Michael Ethier