Surveillance, CCTV & Alarms

Soundwaves Corporation offers professional surveillance or (CCTV) closed-circuit television systems as well as alarm service for both residential and commercial environments.

In residential applications we understand how important it is to protect your homes, your possessions and ultimately your loved ones. The options and possibilities are endless starting with basic camera/dvr surveillance systems to high definition, full night vision systems with smart phone remote access. Our alarm system service also follows the same suit…from basic systems that you arm and disarm with several zones, up to a 2-way paging system to your smart phone, offering remote door locking, thermostat and lighting control and many other options.

With commercial environments, our enterprise dvr systems add a higher level of protection for your personnel, your customers and your assets. From viewing the parking area, shipping dock, coat room or monitoring the safe, these enterprise solutions offer higher resolutions, higher frame rates and better coverage distances through long range, tamper proof cameras. We strategically place cameras to cover all key areas of your business and locate related equipment in secure units. These systems can be “married” or paired to one of our alarm systems to automatically trigger full recording of your system and further automation of full building lighting upon the movement trigger (as an example).

Having an surveillance CCTV (closed-circuit television) or alarm system installed by a Soundwaves technician will grant you peace of mind, while also serving as a significant deterrent towards situations that would adversely affect your personal lives and businesses.