Multi-Room & Zone Sound

Whether you are big into entertaining friends and family or you like to relax for a bit of “me” time, our multi-zone audio service installations bring a warmth of sound quality beyond the livingroom while adding value to your home.

A typical holiday scene at my house is the guys rushing off to the livingroom to escape the chatter and catch the last of the game, while the ladies have a glass of wine and catch up on the latest. However, with the benefit of multi-zone sound, we have the game playing and classical music streaming throughout the rest of the house without any interruptions, simultaneously. Picture yourself now, maybe you had a centrally located sound system, maybe not. In order for you to entertain, if your an expert at using 4 or 5 remotes, you end up turning half of your home into a concert so the sound will reach your guests. Now let’s re-write that same scene with a single remote for simple operation, an expandable home theater system with strategically placed speakers and a bit of ambience complimenting the night. Our multi-zone and multi-source capable home entertainment systems configured by a Soundwaves technician will grant you the ability to hear several different programs, with subtle details, in multiple locations, all at the same time.

These systems can become significantly complex, but complexity doesn’t have to mean difficulty as far as operating it. We strive to provide ease of use for you to enjoy every aspect of your system without discouragement. Our multi-zone home entertainment systems are one of the most highly sought-after services that we offer second only to our remotes and home automation systems.