Remote Consolidation

Logitech Harmony Remotes

The theory behind our work is to always offer “Simplicity Through Technology” which we provide through several remote control consolidation options granting you simplistic operation of your home theater, multi-zone sound and beyond. We create advanced macros and or logic to completely eliminate the average 4 or 5 remotes that are required for “basic” operation of your home entertainment system into a single standard programmable remote control. We also offer fully automated two way interactive iPads or tablets provide the complete solution for your home and or business which can include home theater, multi-zone sound, lighting control, alarm, surveillance/CCTV cameras, DVR operation, and many more features.

Soundwaves technicians will match and customize a remote control based on your equipment and needs to ensure simplicity of operation for anyone who wishes to control your home entertainment system.

Additionally, we also offer HVAC control, alarm and CCTV operation by harnessing the power of your home or business network and pairing them to your touchpad remote and or smartphones.

Lastly, many of our remote control consolidation packages use radio frequency, zigbee or wifi to communicate with a base station, which sends commands to your home theater equipment. What this means for you, in basic terms, is you now have the ability to put your gear into a cabinet or a closet and control it completely without line of site to the equipment. Our through cabinet option promotes a stealth-like installation by allowing you to keep the doors shut and still operate your home theater system normally. Our “closet” option or the remote location of your equipment functions in a similar way while also freeing up space that we normally sacrifice in our living rooms, bedrooms, man-caves and dens.