Opened my eyes to the possibilities…

Let me say this... I was hesitant to hire anyone to perform what I thought should be an easy installation. However, I took a chance and reached out to the Soundwaves crew to share ideas and help me get the best value out of my investment. Garry arrived to perform a consultation of my home and opened my eyes to the possibilities available with today's technology. We ended up settling on a 55" television and centrally located our equipment in a different area. Talk about space gained! We were upgrading from a very old projection television. The technician, John, not only programmed a remote that my 5 and 8 year olds can operate with ease, they also hard wired both my television and blu-ray player to the internet allowing us to stream music and movies. We LOVE our system and our friends envy what we have! We highly recommend reaching out to Mike and his team!
Upgrade from an older projection tv, relocated equipment to free up space.
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